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We hope that people from all over Japan and the world will support our efforts.
There are several ways to support us, as follows.

1.Observe court proceedings

There is space for about 100 observers in the court room. A full house of observers will show high public interest in the case. Court sessions will be held about once every 2 months and supporters will be notified when its schedule is known. We would appreciate your support by attending.

2.Support us financially (optional)

We would appreciate your for our lawsuit as a donor to help defray court, legal, and related activity costs. Any amount 1,000 yen and over can be donated via postal transfer in Japan.

3.Spread the word

Our lawsuit is not yet widely known. Please help us change that by spreading the word via social media and other means of telling people about it.

Please complete the form below if you wish to register as a supporter.



From Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank, account number: 00150-2-792351

For transfers from other banks in Japan

Japan Post Bank, branch name:019
Account type:Current account (toza)
Account number:792351
Account name:yokosukasekitankaryokuhatsudenshososhogenkokudan